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Poetry is the literary work in which expression of feelings and ideas are given intensity by use of distinctive style and rhythm. For me it does not need any special setting, poetry happens anywhere, anytime, any day.

What has a profound effect on me is my state of mind at any one particular time. My thoughts are so vivid, I feel compelled to express them in writing. Many things have a bearing on what I write. It could be that I have just written a beautiful romantic Ghazal and then in the next minute I see something horrific which impacts my thinking. That is one of the reasons why most of my writing becomes my diary in motion.

 ‘Meriyan...Mere Naal Gallan,’ as the name suggests are dialogues with myself – with my being. A huge factor of this was my joining Facebook, one of the most exhilarating experiences for me. I made many friends and started regular discussions with them in earnest. Their comments are included in this book too. So please read on and any further comments are much appreciated.

Meriaan … Mere Naal Gallan

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