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This novel tells the tale of one woman’s hope, blemished forever. As soon as you hear the word ‘rape’ a distaste and uneasiness goes through your being. You get angry, and wish to throttle and punish the culprit. Moreover, you feel a huge sense of sorrow for the victim.

When such a heinous crime is committed, shouts of ‘the Government should resign’, ‘women are goddesses’, ‘think of your mother and sisters’, and much more can be heard. So many worthy thoughts enter your mind.

From the very top to the bottom, the Prime Minister to a labourer, all show sympathy for the victim. ‘In a cultured society this kind of vulgarity should not happen.’ The higher the authority, the louder the noise. However, the anger a labourer feels is usually genuine whereas a politician does so because of the vote pressures.

A few years ago, a young woman ‘Damini’ was raped on a moving bus in India’s capital city New Delhi. The pain and torture she endured, unthinkable, unbelievable. Not only that but a person’s soul and their dignity gets wounded too. Had she lived, the pain of humiliation and hurt would have carried on till her last breath.

Some forty years ago, something very similar had happened in a small village in the State of Punjab. A life was raped. A young woman’s journey of hopes and dreams, cut short before they even began.

I have been carrying this story in my head for years, having not been able to muster the courage to write it down. Thoughts of ‘should I be writing about it at all? Is it right to tell such a terrible story?’ enter my mind. However, with courage and encouragement from my loved ones, here I put my case in front of you; my readers, in the hope that a single little ray of light is good enough to cut through the darkness and provide direction. One thought,­ a single first step is all that is needed to become a movement, a crusade.

....One day, I’m sure we will wake up. Yes, one day....

Dhuaankhi Aas Da Safar